How To Participate

We are looking for a variety of consumers including families with children under 5 years of age and active adults 18+ years of age.

Potential participants are:
  • Those who are interested in voicing their opinions on a variety of products.
  • Who do not have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Who can be contacted by touch-tone land lines or cell phones and preferably with access to email.
There are two ways you can benefit from signing up with ICR:
  • When you are called to test products. Tests at ICR run anywhere from 15 minutes to perhaps an hour, and participants are given a gift card of at least a $20 value for their help. We also perform other tests, some of which are done at home.
  • By referring others who then participate in ICR tests. Once you are an active member, you can receive a $15 gift card for each individual you refer to ICR who is new to our database and subsequently participates in our tests.
To be considered for an ICR testing panel, please:
  • Open the Sign Up menu item on this website, fill out the required information, sign and submit electronically, or
  • Respond by email to Innovative Consumer Research to ask for a form to be sent to you by mail. Just fill in the required information, sign and mail the information back to ICR.
For other helpful information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Innovative Consumer Research is a leading research facility in West Michigan that is devoted to gathering opinions about food and beverage products.

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