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To sign up for testing at ICR electronically, please read and accept the terms below, then complete and submit the required information. Or, you may respond by email to Innovative Consumer Research or call 1-800-991-3388 to ask for a form to be sent to you by mail.

In order for you to be a consumer test panelist, you must agree to abide by the Consumer Testing Guidelines and submit the Required Information Section. A spouse/partner or other adult family member signing up must also indicate agreement to abide by the Consumer Testing Guidelines electronically. Upon receipt of the electronic acceptance of the guidelines and completed required information, ICR will send you additional information regarding the Automated Recruiting system and a Panelist ID and PIN number for each family member. A copy, for you to keep, of ICR Guidelines is enclosed on the back side of the map.

Serving on an Innovative Consumer Research (ICR) consumer test panel is strictly voluntary and ICR has the right to remove individuals from the panelist database at any time at its sole discretion, with or without cause. In order to become/remain a panel participant, panelists must comply with the following guidelines: Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of the child (18 years or older) at all times while on the premises of 5300 Corporate Grove Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI (the "Test Facility").

Panel participants must arrive at the Test Facility 15 minutes before their designated appointment times. Chronic tardiness may result in removal from the panelist list.

Panel participants may not take photographs or make video tapes or audio tapes while at the Test Facility.

Panel participants shall advise ICR (1-800-991-3388) of any and all medical conditions, allergies, food intolerances, and/or food and drug interactions that they or their family members may have or develop while they are panel participants.

Panel participants shall be responsible for their own belongings, including any and all incentives provided to them by ICR, while at the Test Facility. ICR is not responsible for articles or belongings that are lost or stolen while preparing for or participating in the consumer test panels.

Panel participants may not disclose to third parties any test products and/or procedures to which they are exposed by ICR. Panel participants shall keep all information provided by ICR strictly confidential.

All ideas, discoveries, concepts and other information developed or derived by panelists due to participation in the consumer testing or related activity shall belong to the Sponsor of the test.

In the event of test cancellation or test postponement by ICR, ICR shall not be obligated to provide incentives to scheduled test participants.

Adherence to the above guidelines, which may be amended from time to time, is mandatory. Panel participants not adhering to guidelines, or otherwise exhibiting disruptive behavior at the test facility, will be removed from our panelist database and will be unable to participate in future test panels.

I have read and understand the guidelines above, agree to adhere to the above guidelines, and would like to become a participant in ICR’s consumer testing.

I release Innovative Consumer Research, its officers, employees and affiliates from liability for any claim whatsoever arising out of or connected with my participation or my child’s participation in any ICR consumer test, including but not limited to any property damage, injuries as a result of allergic reaction or choking and any other type of personal injury whatsoever, and any personal injury or property damage sustained while traveling to and from the Innovative Consumer Research testing facility. I hereby waive any and all rights and remedies I may have with regard to any claims I may have on behalf of myself or my child(ren) in connection with consumer testing.



Innovative Consumer Research is a leading research facility in West Michigan that is devoted to gathering opinions about food and beverage products.

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